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Hack ID Camfrog

Hi everyone:) greetings yes. . . for my blog readers, in this meeting we will discuss how to hack camfrog ID is not entered (Regedit) nah not enter Regedit Camfrog now very difficult for people to steal passwords, but it is impossible we can not get the password because humans also make sure we can also know the weak points of a network here I will give software made ​​by the friends he's too old to play in the world Camfrog but I will not mention who my friends were either directly any explanation how you use the tool is pretty tough picture below you will surely understand techniques use this tool:

Well that image display tool

Please Scan Tool you are using any Anti-virus (no virus)

I just wanted to share the intention is not for nothing, leaving you to use a well must not take the ID itself is not a good friend


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